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Getting Started




Thorns: Thul Ka is a play-by-post roleplaying game–a form of collaborative writing. Players each create an original character with a history and goals. Players then control their character by writing posts to the forum. Other players, controlling their own characters, interact by writing replies. The result is a vast, multi-threaded story about the residents of Thul Ka.

Getting Ready to Play

Know Your Character

Characters are central to the game. Characters and their interactions are the reward and the challenge of Thorns. You may already have ideas, jot them down, let them simmer while you familiarize yourself with the world.

Know The World

Your character should fit within the established world. Browse the wiki and the forum to get a feel for the place. You might get inspired!

Know The Rules

The rules are there to make sure we all have a good time. Please familiarize yourself with them.

Visit the Chatroom

Though not required for play, the chatroom is a great place to meet other players. You can make plans with other players to connect your character to existing characters–this can be very helpful when starting a new character!

Submit a Character Sheet

A character sheet is a profile of your character when they enter the game. This is the starting point from which your character will grow. Before posting your sheet, check to make sure you have basic facts correct. You can always request help from the moderators.

Your character sheet must be approved by a moderator before you can play! Moderators may ask you to make a few edits to ensure the character fits.

A character sheet needs:



As soon as your sheet is approved, you can start playing! It is recommended that new characters either start their own open thread, or join an existing open thread. Make sure your first post is in a location other characters can get to!

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