Getting Started Guide

Thorns is a vibrant community of roleplayers.  This paragraph is about what Thorns is and why it’s fun.  You can join in by following these simple steps…

Getting Started:

1. Familiarize yourself with the world.  Visit the wiki.  Read the forum.  Join the chatroom.  Get ideas?  Jot them down.

2. Read the rules.  Are you comfortable with our polices?

3. Create a character.  Fill out the character sheet.  Draw pictures, even.

4. Submit sheet and wait for feedback. It is common for new players to need a little help making sure their character aligns with the canon.  Don’t sweat it, moderators are here to help!

5. When character is ready, start or join a thread.  It’s helpful to talk with other players to plan this step.  If you make a thread where no existing characters are likely to go, it may be difficult for them to meet your character.