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Welcome to Thul Ka!

Thorns: Thul Ka has arisen from a spur-of-the-moment email.  Mochi began the quest to reunite the Thorns community; together, we invited everyone back to chat.  Within minutes, our friends came through, ready to reminisce about old adventures together.

Soon after the initial regrouping, many expressed an interest in reigniting the unique light that is Thorns.  But we wanted something a little different, a place that would weave characters even closer together than before.

Thus, Thorns: Thul Ka was born.

5 years after Thorns: Uprsing, Thorns: Thul Ka is set in the capital city of Mugroba.  Where the rivers meet in the desert, Thul Ka is the center of trade, culture, scholarship, and crime.  While the neighboring country, Anaxas, is embroiled in bloody revolution, Thul Ka houses refugees and revolutionaries alike–and attempts to keep the peace within its own walls.

Welcome to Thul Ka!